Places To Visit In Dapoli

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 Dapoli, Dapoli, Maharashtra, India, 415712


Dapoli… amazing, awesome, spectacular are the three words that define dapoli perfectly!

This city is in ratnagiri district of maharashtra. maharashtra state is blessed with an amazing coastal line known as konkan. dapoli is one of the most popular tourist destinations in konkan. the city is also known as mini mahabaleshwar as the temperature is low here. dapoli is 230 km away from the capital of maharashtra, mumbai.

The dapoli city is immensely popular for various reasons. beaches, temples, historical monuments, and of course the food!

How about having an experience of staying at your private beach? sounds amazing and impossible at the same time right? dapoli city has many beaches which are so less crowded that you can get the experience of hanging out at your own beach.

Karde beach of dapoli is 11 km away from the city. it is a virgin beach! the beautiful beach has white sand and pure natural winds flowing. how about detoxing your body from all the pollution at this peaceful place? another famous beach near dapoli is ladghar beach. it is situated at a distance of 10.8 km from the city. one can travel by two-wheeler as well as four-wheeler to the beach. the roads of dapoli are smooth and travelers can find the route very easily as there are a lot of signboards for tourists. make sure you save all the routes for offline mode as many tourists found no coverage for internet at ladghar. while traveling from dapoli to ladghar, there are various restaurants and resorts. the path is full of dense trees and seems like a forest. it is recommended to carry some warm clothes as the night temperature is really freezing! other virgin beaches near dapoli are kolthare, tamastirth, anjarle, kelshi and savane beach. some iratrips customers shared the amazing experience of turtle festival executed at the anjarle beach. this festival has an objective of saving the almost extinct type of turtles. while talking about beaches in dapoli, how can we forget to mention the murud dapoli beach? want to have water rides, banana rides, and parasailing? you must see the murud beach. the lifeguards are well trained and you need not worry about the safety of your family and children.

There is suvaradurga fort which is also known as golden feather fort. this fort was very important in the era of shivaji maharaj as it was the naval base of the empire. there were three forts for protection of suvaradurga fort known as kanakdurga fort, fatehgarh fort and goa fort (harnai). the suvaradurga fort is in the middle of the arabian ocean. hence one has to go by boat. there is a various boat available to reach suvarnadurga fort from harnai port. local fishermen are so helpful and will drop you to the fort safely. the charges are minute. many iratrips customers have said that they thoroughly enjoyed the boating experience. in our ordinary lives, we get to travel on road or on railways only. it is a must take experience. while boating, one can feel the sea waves coming and pushing the boat softly. there is no other sound than the sea waves. beautiful blue arabian ocean in all sides and huge suvaradurga fort at one side.

At a distance of 15 km from dapoli, you can also visit harnai village. this village is famous for harnai port and harnai beach. it is also called as maharshi karve beach since maharshi karve’s birthplace is dapoli. this beach also has water rides and water sports.

Panhalekaji caves were rediscovered in the year 2017. the structure of panhalekaji caves is similar to other buddha caves. there are various sculptures of hindu god and goddess inside the caves. the cave has wooden beams, the buddhist stupa, carvings of manusi buddha, the impression of maha chandraroshana, carvings of ramayana as well as mahabharata, a sculpture of lord ganesha and much more.

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Dapoli to mumbai: 227.7 km

Dapoli to pune: 182.6 km


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